NFPrompt allows users to generate a variety of content (AIGC) through AI tools, mainly to help ordinary people transform into professional creators with ease. For example, you can use NFPrompt to generate dynamic and intuitive digital content such as pictures, videos, animations, PFP avatars, music, and 3D models from boring text.

By highlighting exceptional artworks and finely prompted creations, NFPrompt employs a token mechanism where royalty fees are transferred to the original creator when their prompt is reused; it is important to note that exactly the same prompt produces similar content but never exactly the same. This model facilitates the transaction and circulation of these NFTs, thereby earning through AI-assisted creativity.

Creative collaborations with different Web3 Projects also introduce a token incentive mechanism to the community. NFPrompt will regularly push for the participation of users in AIGC content creation campaigns sponsored by other projects and brands with corresponding prize pools. Users can participate through voting, acquiring top artworks, and win rewards in the prize pool.

To further incentivize creators and collectors on a longer timeframe, fee sharing and creator royalties will be imposed on the most popular prompts from popular artists.

We're aiming to have a series of unique images derived from the same prompt, where a unique variation of the art springs from a previous popular prompt; this can then be a Prompt Collection which is participated in globally by each user that wish to recreate. Since each image is unique even from the same prompt, we ensure a variation of images produced but with similar style.

See our example:

Prompt: Two penguins, cute, walking in the ice and snow, accompanied by the aurora behind them

The original prompt curator will have royalties for every instance that their prompt was reused to make another variation of the original art. IMPORTANT NOTE: Web2 Logins cannot receive airdrops or rewards from winning in campaigns.

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