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One of our core missions as a contemporary collective is to improve social discovery of artists and collections. With this in mind, we wanted to create a platform where social interactions can cultivate. We will employ certain social elements in our ecosystem to further let our users share their art and interact with the community as a whole. What's next for NFPrompt?

  • The Emergence of AI x Web3 Vertical:

    2023 saw a resurgence of interest on crypto from retail and institutional investors alike, and one of the most promising emerging markets for investment is the convergence of AI and Web3. NFPrompt has successfully concluded the largest raise in terms of commitment in the history of Binance Launchpool with a total of $5.5B staked. With that said, we're envisioning the $NFP token as the main economic tool that would be the foundation of the AI x Web3 vertical through sustainable tokenomy and user value proposition.

  • Commitment to Fairness:

    We voluntarily reduced token allocations from private stakeholders and the team to signify that we are committed to building in the long term and with the community. We've modified our vesting periods to have a 1yr-cliff and a 5yr-linear unlock to support and sustain tokenomics. This way, we're ensuring a fair distribution of the token and giving more voice to the community and the market as a whole.

What's next for NFPrompt:

Staking: to introduce a way for long term investors to capture protocol revenue, we're sharing fees generated from the platform to the stakers. We're building more long term benefits for stakers such as discounts, exclusive launches, and other platform benefits. Staking $NFP tokens will also give more community voting power in our campaigns and other governance decisions playing a crucial role in AIGC competitions and the direction of the platform as a whole.

Inscriptions: We've recently released the alpha for inscriptions infrastructure. We're building the easiest way for users to generate exceptional inscriptions in the BNB Ecosystem by combining the user inputs with AI Generated Content. We're on a mission to populate opBNB with community generated artworks in the form of images, videos, and even music.

SocialFi: as we build NFPrompt to a robust platform, we're introducing product features that highlight exceptional works through community socialization. We've already introduced artist profiles, artwork discussions, and easy sharing to Web2 Social Media, but we're not stopping there. To bring out the full potential of AI Generated Content, we're incentivizing all social features that singles out exceptional artists and Key Opinion Leaders who enrich their content with AIGC.

The post-token ecosystem will see an overhaul on how users interact with AI and Web3. We're gearing up to introduce more product features to our loyal community, and looking forward to the synergies with our partners; we're overjoyed continuing towards building the AIxWeb3 vertical. What lies ahead is a long and challenging journey, but nonetheless a journey we want to take towards servicing the AIGC needs of Web3 users and disrupting technologies.

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