🎨Create NFPs

The Curate Now tab shows the different settings that you could use to create your AI-NFT. As of right now, we're using Midjourney v5 and Stable Diffusion for our models, but we're exploring and developing our own model to support NFT art creations better.

You can choose different AIGC to create with NFPrompt. We will continue to explore more ways to offer other interfaces to become the all-in-one platform for Web3 AIGC creation, but as of the moment Images, Videos, PFPs, and Music is supported. NFT Information UI allows the owner to view the prompt and other general information regarding the NFT. They could also delist, re-curate using the same prompt, and update the listing price of their artwork.

If the NFT is bought, the prompt used to generate the image will also be revealed to the new owner.

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