⛓️Choice of Chain

Non Fungible Prompts is currently built in the BNB Chain. The team had plenty of discussions regarding the general ecosystem to build on top of. There were plenty of arguments whether to build in a trendy new shiny blockchain ecosystem, but ultimately we put stability, decentralization, and economic factors in mind.

With that said, we built on top of the BNB Chain, as it is one of the most established and robust ecosystem among blockchains. Considering economic factors, user fees would also be minimized due to the non-congestion and reliability of the BNB Chain.

We are also not discounting the up and coming ecosystems such as ETH Layer 2's and modular blockchains where our considerations can be better serviced. Looking at the bigger picture, we will also strategize accordingly and expand into other chains to proliferate our mission of being the #1 choice for AI NFT Prompt artists.

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