A synthetic token that represents native token $NFP

In this article, we will explain the credit mechanism of NFPrompt, how you can earn $cNFP, and how they contribute to the project's governance token airdrop.

Earning credits in NFPrompt is simple and rewarding. Let's explore the various ways you can earn credits:

  1. Daily Login: Head over to our official website at https://nfprompt.io/earn and start your journey. Simply by logging in for 7 consecutive days, you can claim daily credits as a reward.

  1. Refer Friends: Spread the word about NFPrompt and invite your friends to join. For each friend who successfully logs in, you earn 2 credits. Please note that there is a maximum cap of 5 friends per day for this reward.

  2. Mint NFTs: Unleash your creativity and bring your artwork to life as NFTs. For each NFT you mint, you will receive 5 credits. Feel free to mint up to 10 NFTs per day to maximize your earnings.

  3. Trading Volume: Engage in the vibrant marketplace of NFPrompt and trade NFTs. This activity rewards you with the most credits. However, to ensure fairness and prevent any potential gaming of the system, there is a daily maximum cap of 3 BNB trading volume.

  4. Join Discord: Connect your Discord account and join the NFPrompt Discord server. As a one-time reward, you will receive 5 credits for joining the community and being a part of our discussions.

  5. Follow Twitter: Connect your Twitter account and follow NFPrompt's official Twitter account. Once you do, you will receive a one-time reward of 5 credits, allowing you to stay updated with all the latest NFPrompt news and announcements.

  6. Weekly Credit Accumulation Reward: Introducing our exciting weekly credit accumulation ranking, where you have the opportunity to earn additional credits by securing a spot in the prestigious top 10. Ready to see where you stand? Simply click the "Check Now" button to access the dynamic leaderboard.

  7. OAT Bonus: If you participated in the Galxe campaign during May and minted an OAT, you are eligible for a special one-time bonus and a Maestro role in NFPrompt discord server. As an early supporter, you will receive 50 credits as a token of our appreciation. Please note that this bonus is only applicable to the mint address and does not apply to transferred OAT.

Spending $cNFP for Creation:

To create art and mint it as an NFT on NFPrompt, you will need to spend 1 credit per creation. This allows you to fully utilize your earned credits and showcase your artistic talent through the platform.

The credits you earn through your engagement with NFPrompt play a significant role in our project's governance token airdrop. As the governance token is the backbone of our ecosystem, the more credits you accumulate, the greater your share of the airdropped tokens will be. By actively participating in NFPrompt and earning credits, you not only enhance your artistic journey but also contribute to the development and growth of the platform.

We encourage you to accumulate as many credits as possible by leveraging the various earning opportunities available on NFPrompt. Each credit you earn brings you closer to both artistic fulfillment and the potential rewards of the token airdrop. Embrace the power of NFPrompt's credit mechanism and unlock a world of limitless creative possibilities! Start minting your imagination today!

Leaderboard Mechanism

Welcome to the exciting world of NFPrompt, where your creative journey is celebrated and rewarded! We are thrilled to introduce you to our Leaderboard Mechanism, a system designed to recognize and honor users who actively participate in credit accumulation activities.

Our Leaderboard Mechanism serves as a testament to your dedication and commitment to the NFPrompt community. It showcases your weekly credit accumulation in real time, allowing you to see how you stack up against fellow artists and enthusiasts. The leaderboard captures all types of credit-earning activities, including daily tasks and credits obtained through art creation events. It provides a transparent and engaging platform for users to track their progress and strive for excellence.

To ensure fair competition and an inclusive environment, we have established a set of rules for the Leaderboard Mechanism:

  1. Real-time Updates: The leaderboard displays your weekly credit accumulation in real time, providing an up-to-date snapshot of your achievements.

  2. Comprehensive Tracking: All credit-earning activities, including daily log-in, tasks and event rewards, contribute to your position on the leaderboard. Every effort you make counts!

  3. Weekly Reset: At the end of each week, the credit totals reset, offering a fresh start and equal opportunities for all participants. It's a chance to rise through the ranks and showcase your dedication anew.

  4. Time-Limited Rewards: Weekly credit rewards are available for claiming within a 7-day period. It's important to stay engaged and claim your rewards promptly, as any unclaimed credits will expire after 7 days.

We believe in acknowledging and rewarding exceptional achievements. As part of the Leaderboard Mechanism, we offer the following rewards:

  1. The Top 10 users who accumulate the most credits each week will receive extra credits as a token of recognition for their outstanding performance. It's a way for us to express our appreciation for your active participation and effort.

  2. The user who secures the number one position in the leaderboard will be granted a prestigious Promphet role in our Discord server. This distinguished title allows you to stand out as a loyal member of our community.

  3. In the event that the top-ranking user already holds the Promphet role, we offer a generous prize of $100 as an alternative, demonstrating our commitment to fostering inclusivity and fairness.

We encourage you to embrace the Leaderboard Mechanism as a catalyst for your creative journey. By actively accumulating credits and participating in various activities, you not only increase your chances of ranking high but also contribute to the vibrant and thriving NFPrompt community.

Remember, the Leaderboard Mechanism is a reflection of your dedication and passion for AI art creation. It's an opportunity to showcase your talents, engage with fellow artists, and inspire others through your artistic journey. So, dive in, create stunning AI artworks, and watch your credits soar as you climb the leaderboard.

Do join us in this exciting endeavor, where your creative pursuit is celebrated, and your efforts are duly recognized. Let the Leaderboard Mechanism be the steppingstone to unlock your full potential as an artist within the NFPrompt community.

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