⚙️$NFP Tokenomics and Revenue Model

Initially 1,000,000,000 NFP tokens will be minted at the genesis of the project.

Token distributions:

  1. Fair Launch Mechanism: We strongly believe that a fair launch is the standout advantage of our project. Whether you are a novice, a project contributor, a venture capitalist, or a market participant, we are committed to providing equal opportunities for everyone in the community. This means that ordinary investors can also share in the success of the project, fostering a sense of mutual benefit.

  2. Decentralized Token Distribution: In the early stages of the project, the proportion of tokens held by large holders and investors is intentionally kept relatively low. More tokens are allocated to the community's creators, avoiding the phenomenon of "laid-back investors" and giving the community the upper hand in the direction of the project.

  3. Long-term Project Commitment: Our team is dedicated to building a sustainable, long-term project. To demonstrate our commitment, we have voluntarily extended the token vesting period for the team and key users, ensuring steady development and the healthy operation of the ecosystem. Team and equity user tokens will have a 1-year cliff, followed by a linear vesting over 5 years.

  4. Community Long-term Support: The long-term success of the project relies on active engagement and support from the community. Therefore, we have decided to introduce public oversight and voting mechanisms for token utilization, with community governance at its core. This not only contributes to the project's positive development but also helps reduce token emissions, providing a solid foundation for the project's long-term value proposition.

  5. Fair Token Distribution Model: Our tokenonomic model aims to fairly distribute tokens to all contributors to the project; users, creators, collectors, and KOLs all play an important role. At the same time, we maintain decentralization among token holders and encourage healthy competition to drive organic growth within the AI x Web3 vertical.

Vesting Period:

  • Initial airdrop and Binance Launchpool are immediately unlocked from genesis.

  • Team and Investor tokens have a 1-year Cliff and 5-years of linear release to fully sustain the ecosystem that we are building centered in the $NFP token.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Web2 Logins cannot receive airdrops or rewards from winning in campaigns.

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